Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween entertaining ideas

I havent been online in nearly 2 weeks (and I survived much to my surprise) We moved at the end of September and my kitchen is still in disarray. I cant find any of my notebooks with my recipes to share. Heck I cant even cook! Im trying to cope by researching recipes online so I have new options to try once Im back in the saddle.

It's almost Halloween. I have always loved Halloween. I get the urge to have a cool costume party and make all kinds of ghoulish treats. My birthday is the very next day so when I was young and wild I would have a costume kegger and decorate myself silly. Since the baby is coming soon that isnt an option, but I can get some cool entertaining ideas bookmarked for next year! Here are some spooktacular ideas I have found online:

Halloween Recipes
*Pumpkin Candy Apples
*Owl-o-ween treats I *heart* owls and these are adorable!
*Brew-ha-ha punch gotta love the dry ice
*Chocolate Graveyard Plots with Tombstone Cookies
*Mummy Dogs kids will just love this
*Weiner Worms deliciously spooky
*Jack-o-lantern quesidillas
*Vampire Blood Tomato Soup and Muenster Sammies
*Candy Corn Cordials I seriously want to infuse vodka with candy corn!
*Shrunken Heads in Cider
*Eyeball Highball Im so making those eyeballs!
*Spooky Cocktails using black vodka
*Cheesenstein seriously cool
*Ogre eyes hot cocoa
*Strawberry Ghosties
*Eyeball Taco Salad here's looking at you kid
*Jack-o-lantern burgers awesome simple idea
*Stuffed Pasta Jack-o-lanterns kids will just LOVE this
*Tarantula Tostadas
*Bloodshot eyeballs i bet they taste like buckeyes

Cute Crafts and Decorations
*Pumpkin Party Cooler
*Hanging Gourd Lights
*Glittered Pumpkins a pretty centerpiece
*Owlie Treat Boxes
*Flying Bat Pinata
*How to Carve a pumpkin lots of cool info here
*Candy Corn Clay Pots
*Halloween Outdoor Decorating ideas
*Halloween decor ideas from Hgtv

I hope you find something to inspire you this halloween! If my laptop ever decides to start I will have a bunch of bone chilling cocktail recipes that I created for a place I used to bartend a few years back! Happy Cooking!

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