Wednesday, September 16, 2009


At 36 weeks pregnant I have been cooking myself silly to get my freezer and pantry stocked and ready for baby. I love to cook and I love to entertain but sometimes I just dont have the time to do everything I want to do in my kitchen.

I admit I suffer a bit from "Martha guilt" I want to do it all... make everything from scratch, make dinner EVERY night, do everything as cheap as possible so we can save money.... It wasn't happening. I worked nights(until 2 weeks ago) and often just ate there. My husband is always on the go and would grab dinner out or order a pizza so he didn't have to do anything. (the man so cant cook)

We were tossing SO much money away on convenience food, takeout and restaurants. I refuse to do the math. I do NOT want to know how much we wasted, I just want to change the habits. I have to if I want to stay home with my daughter.

So my adventure begins. Some of my recipes aren't made from scratch. Some of them are. Some of them are perfect for entertaining. Some of them aren't for company but will fill your family up and taste great. Some are super cheap! Some will play double duty for more the one meal. Some are perfect to stock your freezer.

There are more than my own recipes posted here. Some I have swiped from family, friends or various places around the internet. If I know where I got it I will happily link the source. If I don't and I publish one of yours please leave a comment and I will give you credit. I usually tweak a recipe to suit my own needs. If you have a great idea from one of mine, please share it. I love to try new things. I hope you join in my adventure.

The Recipe Chick ;)


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Recipe Chick!

Sara said...

Fabulous work! I'll be freezing some of these meals...thanks!

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