Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanksgiving leftover quesadillas

I got this idea from one of those money saving Food Network shows with Sandra Lee. I didnt use her recipe but it is a fantastic way to use some thanksgiving leftovers for a quick and easy lunch. No measurements because I just used up what I had. You just have to wing it sometimes. It really helped me use up what was left from that chicken dinner!

Leftover turkey (or chicken)
Leftover stuffing
Cheddar cheese
sour cream (for dipping)

1. Melt 1T margarine in a skillet. Lay in tortilla
2. On half of the tortilla spread 1 scoop/spoonful of stuffing
3. Top stuffing with leftover turkey/chicken
4. Top chicken with a handful of cheddar cheese
5. Fold tortilla over the filling.
6. Toast tortilla until golden brown. Flip over and toast the other side
7. Serve with sour cream for dipping and maybe somecranberry sauce!

Mmmmm melty!

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